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Blog Jog Day

This is a special post to celebrate Blog Jog Day (BJD)!

It’s my third time participating in this celebration of blogs, which, by its essence, brings new participants to the blog. I last participated with this blog on the November 21, 2010  BJD and introduced several new readers to Travel Diversions with Doreen at that time. I hope you’re still with us!

This year I’m promoting the blog of Kimberley Linstruth-Beckom who resides in Connecticut and blogs about living with fibromyalgia. Find her insightful blog at:

Drop in and take a look around, and then move on to the blog that Kimberley recommends in her BJD post. It’s fun, educational and inspiring!

If you’re looking for a different kind of blog, never fear! You can hop over to Blog Jog Central at There, you’ll find plenty of great blogs to peruse and enjoy, including my other blog,, that focuses on the writing lifestyle. Drop in for insights on the joys and challenges of a professional writer.

Join us back here the week of August 15 for the next post on my journey with Chocolatour, when we’ll take a sweet look at Montreal.

But before you leave, please take a look at some of the posts we’ve had on this blog. You’ll find many posts on my chocolate adventures throughout Europe and the UK, as well as numerous other travel posts to tempt and entice you.

And please leave a comment, subscribe, and “like” or tweet the link if you like what you see! Thanks so much … and enjoy your travel diversions with Doreen! 

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of participating in Blog Jog Day (BJD) the brainstorm of author, Carol Denbow. BJD is a great way to help promote your own blog (s) while discovering many new others. Participating in BJD helped increase the number of followers and subscribers on my first blog, and introduced me to some wonderful new friends.

If you’re new to Travel Diversions with Doreen, please take the time to look around and see what I’ve written. This blog is new, so I only have 6 travel stories posted here for you to read. But I have more than 100 posts on my writer’s lifestyle blog, which I started in Feb/09. There are some posts on travel there, but it is primarily a blog about what it’s like to be a professional writer – in addition to my personal musings.  You can also find an abundance of my writing in the samples section of my website, where published stories and essays have been categorized for you to easily find what you like.

This time around with BDJ, I’d like to introduce you to Cliff Ball, an Indie author with an active blog. Check it out!

When you want to continue your BJD journey, you can visit this site for more options:

Thanks for stopping by. You’ll find a new travel post on this blog every second week, so the next one on Barcelona will be posted the week of November 22nd. Don’t miss it!

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